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On this page you can read summaries and interviews of the latest research regarding ADOA. Unfortunately we are not able to translate it to all the other languages and we only offer this in English. If you want to return to another language you can click on the flags in the top menu.

Latest research – 10

By |29 december, 2022|Categorieën: Latest research|

Interview Cansu de Muijnck, by Maud van Gerwen (board member) Cansu is a PhD student doing doctoral research on hereditary opticus atrophies (including ADOA). She works with Camiel Boon, Arthur van Bergen and Mies van Genderen, all specialists in this field. Cansu is originally from Turkey and came to the Netherlands four years ago for love. It took her a year to get her medical degree recognised here and she then worked in various positions [...]

Latest Research – 9

By |19 mei, 2022|Categorieën: Latest research|

Red light therapy Glen Jeffery, email interviewed by Peter Makai Recently, several companies have started to offer red light glasses, which supposedly reduces vision loss in ageing eyes, through influencing mitochondria. Since ADOA is a mitochondrial disease, we were naturally curious if it can be safe and possibly beneficial for ADOA patients. ADOA is caused by a damaged gene (OPA1) causing several problems in the mitochondria within the so-called retinal ganglion cells, the [...]

Latest research – 8

By |1 maart, 2022|Categorieën: Latest research|

In late 2021, one of our contacts at Stoke Therapeutics sent us their financial results and company updates. Among other things, this states: STK-002 is a proprietary antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) in preclinical development for the treatment of Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy (ADOA). Stoke believes that STK-002 has the potential to be the first disease-modifying therapy for people living with ADOA. STK-002 is designed to upregulate OPA1 protein expression by leveraging the non-mutant (wild-type) copy of [...]

Latest research – 7

By |2 oktober, 2021|Categorieën: Latest research|

The optic nerve death in ADOA is usually caused by a fault on the OPA1 gene, which takes care of producing the OPA1 protein. Looking into the research around ADOA, we found several researchers who have actually succeeded in editing the OPA1 gene under laboratory conditions. This is very important, as correcting the protein stops the slow cell-death in ADOA and the slow visual decline. The lead geneticist of the study, professor Michael Cheetham from [...]

Latest research – 6

By |11 juli, 2021|Categorieën: Latest research|

PYC Therapeutics: Article for ADOA (Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy) European Association ADOA remains an area of significant unmet need, and with the advent of precision medicine there is increasing optimism around RNA and DNA therapies for ADOA. PYC Therapeutics, an RNA drug development company, is hoping to apply its RNA technology, known as PPMO, to many inherited retinal diseases. The company recently announced the development of a potential drug for certain sub-types of ADOA. “ADOA [...]

Latest research – 5

By |25 maart, 2021|Categorieën: Latest research|

In our last newsletter of February 2021, we reported what kind of studies are currently ongoing. We also reported that there are studies on Glaucoma and Leber, among others, which are expected to be very interesting for us as ADOA patients. This is because the underlying problem has strong similarities. For example, we found an article about a study into Glaucoma and we put a number of questions to the researcher involved. The research [...]

The latest research – 4

By |13 maart, 2021|Categorieën: der Weg zur Behandlung, Latest research|

The following is a brief report on a study done by one of our Medical Advisory Board members, among others: René de Coo. In a collaborative effort between the Department of Ophthalmology at Maastricht University Hospital and the Neuromuscular and Mitochondrial Diseases (NeMO) expertise center at Maastricht University (MUMC+), biomarkers for mitochondrial diseases are being sought. What are biomarkers? Can they be of use for mitochondrial diseases? Are they important [...]

The latest research – 3

By |13 maart, 2021|Categorieën: der Weg zur Behandlung, Latest research|

Over the past few years, a number of people from the foundation have been active in searching for studies that are being done on ADOA worldwide. The positive news is that compared to about 5 years ago, there are a surprising number of new studies that can be found that are related to ADOA. In addition, there are also studies that do not directly have ADOA as their main topic [...]

Latest research – 2

By |12 maart, 2021|Categorieën: der Weg zur Behandlung, Latest research|

The same person familiar with the Stoke Therapeutics research has contacted a research team from Italy and Greece this time. This in response to the article below and with the goal of getting a simpler explanation of what they do and an estimate of what the expectations are for the future. There is research being done by these researchers on ADOA for 18 years!!! The research is called Inhibition of autophagy curtails visual loss [...]

The latest research

By |11 maart, 2021|Categorieën: der Weg zur Behandlung, Latest research|

An acquaintance of ours decided to approach Stoke Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company which recently published a study on a possible treatment for ADOA. Someone was willing to talk to him and answered a few questions! Please note that all answers are the interpretation of the interviewer and not necessarily that of Stoke Therapeutics. As a public company, why are you guys focusing on ADOA? The treatment of ADOA as they envision it closely parallels [...]

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