Stanford university

Stanford University is currently doing a research project on ADOA. The project is led by two professors from the university, of which one is the chairman of Stanford’s Byers Eye Institute. We are thrilled that research is being conducted on ADOA, and that it is done by one of the world’s most prestigious universities. If you would like more information about the Goldberg Lab: Goldberg Lab, Byers Eye Institute, Stanford University

The project has successfully been funded for the year of 2022. However, a large amount of funding is required if ADOA research is to continue in the nearby future. The required amount for the year of 2023 will be $100,000. The funding of this large sum will only be possible with gracious donations. If you are interested in the outcome of this project and would like to support ADOA research: all donations will be kindly appreciated!

If you would like to know more about donating to our foundation, please read: Support Cure ADOA Foundation

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