Daniëlle has ADOA. Although her vision is, to put it mildly, not optimal; cooking and baking are her passionate hobbies.

Ever since I was a child, there has been one thing I have loved to do, and that is cook and bake. I am glad that at a young age, I was allowed to help my mother and grandmother in the kitchen with chores such as shelling the beans.

In the meantime, cooking and baking have become a hobby that has got a bit out of hand and with which I also partly earn my living with as a foodie on social media. I find baking in particular very relaxing to do and in the end, it almost always results in something delicious!

While standing in the kitchen, I enjoy the smells that are produced.

My eyesight (16%) does not hinder me in the things I make or want to make. I love to try new things. Sometimes it takes a bit more time, but I don’t mind. I take my time! As long as I don’t have to take part in a tv programme with time constraints, I’ll manage!

I don’t have any other adjustments for when I’m cooking. In terms of timers, I do use the smart speakers in the house, they are fantastic!

I also do a lot by feeling, I use my sense of smell and I particularly enjoy being in the kitchen.

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